Hand crafted soups with fresh, locally made ramen noodles. Paired with the freshest and most flavorful toppings for your exclusive enjoyment.

Old-school classics from different regions of Japan. These are the most popular styles of ramen and are great introductions to the amazing world of flavor packed ramen or for solid comfort food!

Signature Tonkotsu
A thick and full-bodied broth made with pork bones.

Chicken Ramen
An all-chicken ramen. A full bodied broth made with chicken bones in the style of tonkotsu. Panko crusted chicken breast served on the side.

Miso Ramen
Chicken and fish broth seasoned with blended miso paste and buttered corn.

Shoyu Ramen
Chicken and fish broth seasoned with our blended soy sauce - Tokyo Style!!

Shio Ramen
Our lightest ramen - Chicken and fish broth seasoned with sea salt.

Contemporary ramen curated from the best ramen in Japan - Comming at ya straight outta Nippon!

Red Dragon Ramen
Our spiciest ramen ever! A rich and flavorful modern-styled ramen that has become an instant classic.

Tam Tam Ramen
Mildly spicy ramen, garnished with minced pork.

Vegetarian Miso Ramen
Delightfully flavorful hand made vegan broth with blended miso paste, buttered corn and aji tamago. * Grilled pumpkin, enoki mushrooms and pumpkin seeds top the Australian version. * Fried marinated tofu and wakame top the US version.

Junk Ramen
Soupless ramen! Steaming hot cooked ramen noodles topped with a sunny side up egg, cheese, crispy noodles, cabbage, yuzu mayo and nori. So yummy! Available soon in Australia Available now in USA

White Dragon Ramen - Spring/ Summer
Big flavored spicy miso seasoned tonkotsu ramen. White miso paste and buttered white corn create a delicious soup to compliment our spicy minced pork that is topped with shaved leeks and enoki mushrooms.

Black Dragon - Fall/ Winter
Tonkotsu broth seasoned with black pepper, squid ink and black sesame.

Just as flavorful as our ramen, our rice bowls are made from scratch in the Fukuryu Ramen kitchen.

JFC Rice Bowl
Japanese Fried Chicken seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and garlic drizzled with our special yuzu mayonnaise on top of shaved cabbage and steamed medium-graim white rice.

Curry Chicken Rice
Panko crusted chicken with a curry so delicious you will want to lick the bowl clean!

Curry Tofu Rice
House made Japanese curry with potatoes and carrots on top with marinated fried tofu on top of steamed white rice.

Soft Shell Crab and Avocado Rice Bowl (Summer)
Concentrated flavor of crab without the shells paired with soft textured avocado and delicious yuzu mayonnaise on top of steamed Japanese white rice. * US Only

Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Chicken (Summer)
Our special sesame and ginger based teriyaki sauce with tender chunks of chicken with sliced shiitake mushrooms and onion. On top of steamed Japanese white rice. *US only

Delightful snacks that are great for sharing and snacking.

Green soybeans served hot and salted.

Pork Gyoza
Pork and vegetable dumplings – choice of pan fried or deep fried.

Chicken Kara-age
Japanese fried chicken with spicy citrus mayonnaise.

Tebasaki Chicken Wings
Dry seasoned chicken wings.

Red Dragon Wings
Blazing-hot chicken wings.

Pork Belly Rice
Steamed white rice topped with shredded pork belly.

Soft Shell Crab Buns
Steamed mini buns with soft shell crabs topped with cabbage and spicy mayo.