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It all began in a little shop in Japan…sort of.

Fukuryu Ramen started as a partnership between Southern Japan’s best ramen companies. The idea sprung from a passion for flavor-packed authentic ramen, with the intention of sharing this love of Japanese soul foods with those unfamiliar with the concept.

Fukuryu’s doors first opened in March 2014 on Corrs Lane in Melbourne’s very own chinatown, the food capital of Australia - and was an instant success among locals, tourists and foodies alike.


Owner-partner Jeff Tsao, an alumni of the Culinary Institute of America and The Ohio State University, brought the concept back with him to Columbus, Ohio - a test market and melting pot of evolving ideas and innovative individuals. He opened the first Fukuryu in the United States on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington, and quirky went on to open a flagship store in Dublin’s downtown urban center, Bridge Park.

Dining with Fukuryu Ramen isn’t just dining - it’s an experience.



(noun) /’rämən,kraft/

the process of assembling a traditional Japanese favorite; balancing flavor and texture between the type of broth, hardness of noodles and toppings used.

[see also: our speciality]

We strive to spread the delicious flavors and culture of ramen through tried and true recipes handed down from generations of ramen chefs from our partners in Japan.

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